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10/3/22 - updated the blog's style a bit, still very much not done but has an actual like... theme now.
9/30/22 - hi! extremely bare bones blog has been added with its first post. i hope my lack of proofreading makes you rage at least a little bit ^-^
7/1/22 - finally added the "about me" page! i may update it later as i don't feel entirely satisfied with it but it exists now! go check it out. also... i removed the mini webpages page, i'm just not motivated to continue it anymore.
6/27/22 - woohooo!!! new update!!!! materials page now has a proper layout, and the index is complete (for now)
6/25/22 - BOILER ROOM HAS BEEN UPDATED! the about page has been added and the gallery has been started. there's actual content over there now, check it out!!!
6/21/22 - boiler fansite, "The Boiler Room" is up. its really empty right now, im sorry!!! i struggle really hard with getting stuff out, but i dont want to leave this rotting in my files.
6/12/22 - webpage-a-day renamed to mini webpages because i absolutely cannot do anything daily.
06/10/22 - wake up new update just dropped. everything's just got a bit pinker. and a new (and very undecorated) guestbook has been added! there are some empty spaces i was planning to fill with this page but i didnt have the time or motivation to at the moment. as an extra note, i will not be announcing new webpage-a-days on this log, as itd get cluttered fast. just check it out regulalry and there will be some new stuff there sometimes!
06/02/22 - site redo, hope yall like it! added new index, fun stuff, materials, and webpage a day sections over in my navigation bar!

hiya! im taffy, a cat with a keyboard... i made this website with my own two paws! i believe it is impressive, but you may need to watch your step, theres construction about!

ive remade this website... uhh... around 3 times now! since 2020 i believe... i am hoping this is my final version, because remaking everything is admittedly a bit of a chore, even if i love decorating stuff the most!!!
choo choo!! i run the view counter train :3

today... im feeling: The current mood of taffey at www.imood.com
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