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taffy's homepage was created on Feb 5th, 2022
current status: !?!?!? - 3/22/22 2:26 pm EST
update log:
5/23/22 - its been two months, whoops! heres a new section for you :-) its only one page so far but its dedicated to toontown and will be a sort of website within a website yknow! go ahead and click the lil flippy next to my logo to visit it! (ill be sure to find a better spot for that soon....)
3/22/22 - added "chompypaw" page for my offsite art links, whitty shrine was updated over a month ago but i forgor to mention it here LOL
2/16/22 - please bear with me on slower updates! other than that, the shrines page has been added! (currently empty, whitty shrine may be updated? or i may just remove it. lol)
2/12/22 - "diary" page added along with a new entry! learn about my newest obsession heheehe
2/11/22 - "about" page added + some various additions to the index page. hope u enjoy!
2/10/22 - index page redesigned! sorry if you dont like it i am not taking criticism. this one feels a lot more "me" and makes me a whole lot happier :3c
2/9/22 (the sequel) - would u guys be mad if i redid my entire fucking website :skull: im thinkin about it ...
2/9/22 - Whitty shrine is complete! (for now) go check it out here!
2/7/22 - added update log (obviously), added "fun things" page, "shrines" page (but there's nothing there yet), buttons, and more... "collections" page will begin work once my new plush arrives! (it got delayed TT_TT)
welcome to the beginning of the update log!~

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