about the boiler

The Boiler is the final boss of Field Offices, an update for the Toontown Online fan-revival Toontown Rewritten, released on December 3rd, 2021.

Field Offices had a very long wait from reveal to release. I would explain it all in great detail, but we would be here forever. To put it VERY simply, it took multiple years of develop-
ment to get this update out.

While The Boiler has very few pieces of info related to their personality, and literally only one piece of dialogue (shown above), you can get a very clear idea of who they are. They are incredibly firey yet smart in their actions during battle, which is how they manage to be the strongest boss in the game.

I would love to explain them more here, but I'd like to keep most of the info for my "ramblings" section.

about me

Oh god, time for MY opinions!? I guess I could tell you a bit.

I have never done a Field Office myself, (I want to eventually!!) but I have watched my friends play through many of them, and joined them on the Field Office release hype back in December 2021. Even back then, when they had reached The Boiler Room, the boss had caught my eye.

As The Boiler landed their first attack...
the game crashed.

TTR was incredibly unstable on launch. But something had begun. Something that would lead to me writing about this character on a fanpage at 5 AM after pulling an all-nighter.

For whatever reason, I've gone full-fledged fangirl mode. I'm not genuinely romantically attracted to them, but... WOW I have a lot of feelings about this... admittedly silly comfort character. It's why I made this website, so I can just fully talk about this guy with little embarassment. This is a personal corner of my website, which is a personal corner of the web.

The brainrot levels on this website only gets worse from now on. So, I hope you have fun with that.