i am genuinely upset about my (andorid) phone being taken at school IM SOOO BORREEDD DAAUUGHGH

really though i get anxious when i have limited contact to the outside world. at least my chromebook is here but i cant really keep that in my pocket can i. plus everything is blocked and monitored. i am taking a risk by writing here today...

having no way to contact friends and family without my phone is... scary. i dont like it and i wish i could just have my phone back so i can make sure those around me know im like... Alive. does not help that i live in the hellscape known as the united states :,,,,)

im just trying to keep my head up today. i ordered a tamagotchi pix and a bunny squishmallow yesterday and theyre gonna arrive this weekend. summer's going to start soon as well...

today's webpage ended up as a bit of a diary... i didnt mean to make it like that, but i have no other way to express my feelings at this time, due to the lack of being able to contact people right now. and due to my anxiety ill likely release this webpage with very little effort put in. like i said, i just want this one to be a sort of... "mark" that im here. this was initally meant for me to shitpost but uh... got a little carried away today.