so, uh, welcome to (2023 edition). I know i've made dozens of changes to the entire layout and theming to this site, but this time it was a full reset. well, except for the toons webring, but i can't really just restart that.

i had been meaning to do this for a while, and for many reasons. i don't know if i could ramble on about all of them here, but the main one is that the original site just... didn't make me happy. i started the site with passion, but it got slowly sucked away as i got onto a more unpleasant side of the platform. it felt like everyone was judging me and whether it was just in my head or not, it really messed with me and how i looked at neocities. i was so determined to fill my site with as much content as possible, but all it left me was with demotivation and a shitton of unfinished webpages. and even then... no matter how much i tried to bloat my site it still didn't feel like enough, like i was still some lazy, cringy, webcore pinksite kid. i never really got anything done with because i simply was too afraid to be authentic.

but even if ive now tried to force myself out of that toxic mindset, it still affects me. thats why getting this site back up and running to the public was so hard. i'm trying to get a decent amount of progress done just so i have something worthwhile to show you guys. i'm really sorry if things seem barebones or if my updates take a long time.