i like cds

i started buying and collecting cds sometime around december 2022. since then... its become a bit of an addiction. my current collection is small but im buying them pretty consistently when i have extra cash lying around, and as of now im just trying to get the ones from all of my favorite artists and albums. some of the cds might have little bits of text about how or when i got them or other fun stuff, but some of them do not.

Weezer (Blue Album)
my first ever CD, and a really good choice in my opnion. =w=
i kinda regret not buying pinkerton deluxe instead. i even ordered it first, but cancelled it. now im a diehard SFTBH fan. oops
Weezer (Green Album)
if i didn't get this as a christmas gift i probably would've never bought it.
thought i found an interesting "limited edition" copy, but all the copies are limited edition due to poor sales. lol.
Weezer (Red Album)
used this one to test a cd player i ended up returning because it sounded like a mcdonalds toy.
Everything Will be Alright in the End
comes with a massive accordion-folding... paper thingy that is extremely difficult to fold back to normal.
Weezer (White Album)
bought this one brand new, but i broke the jewel case in half trying to open it for the first time.
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